Get More Construction Leads/Calls: 10 Proven Strategies

Get More Construction Leads Calls 10 Proven Strategies

The best ways to get construction leads include various strategies, such as providing value to your clients through content marketing, connecting with prospective clients via email marketing, engaging on social media platforms, ranking locally with a strategic search engine optimization campaign, joining referral networks, investing in your website to attract qualified leads, and leveraging paid advertisements to draw more traffic to your website and brand.

Many construction companies miss out on opportunities to generate leads or calls due to misalignment between their sales and marketing departments. Therefore, it’s crucial to streamline all aspects of your business to achieve the common goal: generating potential leads and weeding out time-wasters.

In other words, getting leads for your construction business goes beyond simply launching an advertising campaign. You’ll need to design an in-house strategy to bring all departments on the same page, ultimately boosting construction lead generation and translating it into increased sales.

1. Providing Value to Your Clients Through Content Marketing

In the digital age, content is king, and it plays a crucial role in lead generation for your construction business. Let’s explore how you can provide value to your clients through content marketing.

Understanding Your Audience

To create valuable content, you must first understand your target audience. Define your ideal client’s persona to tailor your content to their needs and preferences.

Creating Engaging Blog Posts

One of the best ways to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients is through informative and engaging blog posts. Share your knowledge about construction trends, tips, and best practices to establish your authority in the field.

Utilizing Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent channels for promoting your content. Share your blog posts, videos, and other valuable resources to reach a wider audience.

Video Marketing

Videos are a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. Create video content, including tutorials, project showcases, and behind-the-scenes looks at your construction projects. Live sessions and webinars can also engage your audience in real time.

Offer Downloadable Content

Providing downloadable resources such as guides, tutorials, and tips in the form of documents and videos can attract potential clients. Offering valuable content for free can build trust and credibility.

2. Connecting with Prospective Clients via Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a potent tool for lead generation. Let’s dive into how you can effectively use email marketing to connect with prospective clients.

Generating Construction Leads through Email Marketing

Building a Subscriber List

Start by building a list of subscribers who are interested in your construction services. You can collect email addresses through your website, social media, and events.

Creating Compelling Newsletters

Craft engaging newsletters that provide valuable information, updates, and promotions. Email newsletters can help educate your audience about your construction business and generate fresh leads or calls.

Re-Engaging Past Clients

Don’t forget about past clients who may have shown interest in your services but didn’t proceed for various reasons. Use email marketing to re-engage them and remind them of your expertise.

3. Engaging on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a treasure trove of potential leads for your construction business. Let’s explore how to effectively engage with your audience on these platforms.

Establishing a Presence

Create profiles on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Consistency is key when it comes to posting updates and engaging with your audience.

Joining Relevant Conversations

Participate in ongoing conversations related to the construction industry. Engaging with other businesses and individuals can help you gain an audience and showcase how your construction services can benefit them.

Sharing Valuable Insights

Share project ideas, tips, trends, and other information relevant to the construction industry on your social media platforms. Providing valuable insights can attract potential clients seeking your expertise.

4. Ranking Locally with a Strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign

Local SEO is crucial for construction businesses. Let’s delve into the best practices for ranking locally and attracting potential construction leads or calls.

Optimizing Your Website

Ensure that your construction website is optimized for search engines by using relevant keywords, phrases, and topics. This will help your construction business appear among the top results in user searches.

Local SEO Strategies

Customize your SEO content based on demographics such as geographical location, gender, profession, lifestyle, interests, and more. This targeted approach can increase your visibility among local users seeking construction services.

5. Joining Referral Networks to Get Construction Leads

Referral networks can be a goldmine for construction leads. Discover how you can leverage these networks to expand your client base.

Word of Mouth Referrals

Ask your satisfied clients for word-of-mouth referrals. Encourage them to share their positive experiences with others who may need construction services.

Collecting Testimonials and Reviews

Request clients to write testimonials and feedback about your services. Positive reviews can significantly impact potential clients’ decisions. Ensure that these reviews are visible on your website and social media pages.

Best reviewing platforms for construction companies include: 

6. Investing in Your Website to Attract Qualified Leads

Your construction website serves as your digital storefront. Learn how to optimize it to attract qualified leads effectively.

Creating Landing Pages

Incorporate landing pages into your digital marketing campaign to entice and attract the right audience. These pages serve as gateways to your main website, where potential clients can learn more about your construction services.

7. Investing in Paid Advertisements

Paid advertisements can be a valuable addition to your lead generation strategy. Discover how to make the most of paid ads to attract interested clients.

Utilize Google Ads to place your construction business advertisements among the top user searches—target relevant keywords and phrases to increase your visibility.

Social Media Ads

Consider using paid advertising services on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Ensure that your investment aligns with the return on investment (ROI) you expect.

8. Consistent Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is a critical component of attracting and engaging potential clients. Explore how consistency can make a significant difference.

Establishing an Emotional Connection

Use your content, including images, color schemes, logos, text, and language, to establish an emotional connection with your target audience. Your messaging should inspire, motivate, and persuade potential clients without being overly sales-focused.

Consistency Across Channels

Maintain consistency in your content, branding, messages, and promotions across all digital channels. This consistency builds trust and loyalty among your clients and establishes your integrity within the construction industry.

9. Lead Generating Website and Landing Page

Your website and landing pages play a pivotal role in generating construction leads. Learn how to optimize these digital assets effectively.

Your Digital Storefront

Think of your website as a digital version of your business’s physical outlet. It’s where potential clients can explore the benefits of working with your construction business.

The Power of Landing Pages

Create compelling landing pages as part of your digital marketing campaign. These pages entice potential clients and direct them to your main website, where they can discover more about your construction services.

10. Bidding Platforms

Bidding platforms offer another avenue for securing construction leads. Find out how to navigate these platforms successfully.

Building Relationships

To participate in bidding platforms, you must build relationships with clients who can invite you to bid on projects. Establishing trust and credibility is key to gaining access to these platforms.

6 Tips for Creating an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Creating a successful digital marketing strategy requires careful planning and execution. Here are six tips to guide you on your journey:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience: Understand the preferences and needs of your audience to tailor your marketing efforts effectively.
  2. Set Clear Goals: Define your lead generation goals and align them with your overall sales and marketing objectives.
  3. Develop a Comprehensive Strategy: Create a well-rounded strategy that incorporates various digital marketing channels to maximize your reach.
  4. Focus on High-Quality Content: Produce valuable and engaging content to attract and retain potential clients.
  5. Choose the Right Channels: Identify the digital marketing channels that resonate most with your target audience and allocate your resources accordingly.
  6. Monitor and Adapt: Continuously track the progress of your digital marketing efforts and make adjustments as needed to improve results.

Let Guerrilla Local Help You Get Construction Leads

If you’re seeking expert assistance to optimize your lead generation strategy for the construction business, consider partnering with industry professionals. Guerrilla Local specializes in designing and deploying customized lead-generation strategies in the construction sector. Their cutting-edge digital marketing solutions can showcase your brand to a larger audience and boost your sales immediately.


In conclusion, generating construction leads requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses content marketing, email marketing, social media engagement, SEO, referral networks, website investment, paid advertising, consistent branding, and a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy. By following these tips and staying consistent in your efforts, you can successfully boost your construction lead generation and, ultimately, your sales.


How do I get more construction leads?

You can get more construction leads by networking with other industry professionals, creating an online presence through a website and social media, using paid advertising, and offering exceptional service to existing clients who can refer you to others.

How do I get more customers for my construction business?

To attract more customers for your construction business, focus on building a strong reputation through quality work, positive reviews, and referrals. Additionally, invest in marketing efforts like online advertising, local SEO, and attending industry events.

How do you generate a lot of leads?

Generating a lot of leads involves using various strategies such as digital marketing, content creation, email marketing, networking, and offering promotions or incentives to potential customers.

How do I grow my small construction business?

Growing a small construction business requires careful planning, efficient operations, and effective marketing. You can achieve growth by expanding your services, hiring skilled staff, building a strong online presence, and maintaining a good reputation.

How do independent contractors get clients?

Independent contractors can get clients by networking, using online platforms like freelancer websites, creating a professional portfolio, offering competitive pricing, and delivering high-quality work that leads to word-of-mouth referrals.
How do I pitch myself as a contractor?

How do I pitch myself as a contractor?

Pitch yourself as a contractor by highlighting your skills, experience, and past projects. Emphasize your ability to meet deadlines, stay within budget, and solve construction challenges efficiently. Personalize your pitch to address the specific needs of potential clients.

Is it hard being an independent contractor?

Being an independent contractor can be challenging as it requires self-motivation, financial responsibility, and the ability to manage all aspects of your business. However, it also offers flexibility and potentially higher earning potential.

How do contractors market themselves?

Contractors can market themselves through online channels like websites and social media, traditional marketing methods like business cards and flyers, attending industry events, offering free consultations, and maintaining a positive online reputation.

How much profit should a small construction business make?

The profit margin for a small construction business can vary widely depending on factors like location, type of project, and overhead costs. On average, a profit margin of 5% to 10% is considered reasonable, but it can be higher or lower depending on your specific circumstances.

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